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“공부로 승리해라.” 

Education is the path to success” - this was my father’s life motto for me. My father, a Korean immigrant, believed in the power of quality education - so much so that when it was time for me to start school, despite having no knowledge of the English language, he fought the local district to have me attend an elementary school two cities away. It is through the overwhelming belief my parents have in the power of education, the mentorship and teachings of passionate teachers, and the support of my community that I am able to stand where I am today. I believe that the path and opportunity to succeed should be a right given to all students in the Moreland School District. 

I’ve also chosen to run because representation matters. My district is made up of 30% Asian-American and 20% Hispanic households. I want to ensure that this is represented on the school board, in our school admins, and in our school staff. I want to empower young adults, young girls, students with immigrant backgrounds, and show them that their voices matter- that we matter. Young people need to see that we too are capable of creating change and that there are people, especially people who look like us, who will fight for us. By stepping up, I am taking my dedication to education equity, dedication to my students and to my community, to the next level.

As a school social worker, I fight daily for better educational opportunities for my students and I will continue to fight as a school board member until educational equity becomes a reality for ALL of our students. Changing the status quo is difficult, but with your support, change is possible. Let us come together and show our students that education matters, that inclusion matters, and that above all else, they matter. Together, with determination, love, and commitment to our students, I believe that we can win this fight.


I ask for your support, your voice, and your vote on November 3, 2020, for Moreland School Board, Trustee Area 1.

With humility and grace, 

Shelly Hong


Together, with determination, love, and commitment to our students, I believe that we can win this fight.




I am a high school social worker, a former middle school science teacher, and I am running for Governing Board Member of Moreland School District, Trustee Area 1.


My life has been dedicated to advocating for educational equity and to ensure that ALL students, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or other identifying differences, have access to quality education.


I started my career as a behavior interventionist working with students with autism, to becoming a teacher at a school with one of the nation’s largest achievement gaps. As a teacher, I witnessed the adverse effects of trauma on my students and was inspired to earn my Master’s in Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, I am a mental health therapist working with high school students in Special Education. 

Chalkboard Drawings


equity pic.jpeg


1. Increasing academic achievement for underserved and underrepresented student populations

  • Collecting, studying, and publishing disaggregated data on spending per student, student performance, discipline infractions, parent engagement, etc. to identify the gaps between race, gender, language, and socio-economic status

2. Ensuring academic rigor is responsive to a diverse student population​

3. ​Eliminating the digital divide that Covid-19 has highlighted

  • sustainable internet access for all students and families

  • digital literacy supports for families

    • ​reimagine how parents can become involved, enhance access to jobs, educational opportunities, essential services

  • provide equitable access to educational supports, connections to community events/updates and to the world.


1. More evidence-based social-emotional learning initiatives increasing number of counselors, family therapists, school psychologists, social workers, and other mental health professionals in our schools.

2. Ensuring mental health approaches are culturally-sensitive and appropriate, taking into cultural norms into consideration

3. Decreasing student: counselor ratio 

  • partner with surrounding Universities to have therapists, psychologists, social workers intern and placed into our schools

  • partner with community-based health clinics or hospitals to increase direct services to our students



1. Creating an inclusive, community-centered district that amplifies voices of students, families, teachers, and stakeholders

2. Multiple platforms in multiple languages to interact, dialogue, and provide feedback to the district

3. Introducing participatory budgeting initiatives to empower families, community members, and teachers to have a direct say in how the district spends its money

  • will engage more participation, build a stronger community, and make school budgets more equitable and effective.